July 7 marked 15 years since my company published its second book, Honey for the Soul: This Is the Season by Messianic Poetess Anita B. Williams on 7/7/07!!

Well, two days ago, after listening to a sermon by Pastor Travis Simons (who preached at my friend’s church in Sunrise, FL, on 6/12/2022), I would say 7/7/07 was a “defining moment” in my life.

At the time, I was just learning the publishing industry (with my first book released in August 2005). So when Anita and I started working on her poetry collection in 2006, I did not know the journey that would result from this book project. But as Bishop T.D. Jakes preached last Sunday, “Timing Is Everything.”

Although I thought Honey for the Soul: This Is the Season would prove to be a SeaSon of Manifestation for me and my company, I quickly learned that this was just the beginning of my “SeaSon of Positioning.” Instead of overflow blessings, there was a SHIFT in my living situation that caused the birth of ministry, something I never thought I would find myself doing (not with my track record).

However, God proved Himself faithful. I have learned over the decades that He turns misery into ministry and our mess into a powerful message for His glory!!

Fifteen years later, we’re still standing. With 24 books under our belt (and a 501c3 that was birthed from obedience with Anita’s book), we have passed through the SeaSon of Anticipation into what I am believing and decreeing is the SeaSon of Manifestation!

As the Scripture of Honey for the Soul (as well as the Scripture mentioned in the “Timing Is Everything” message) states, To everything is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

So, I ask you, out of four seasons (Preparation, Positioning, Anticipation and Manifestation), which one are you in? What have you learned from past and present seasons? How can you embrace this current season as you seek to grow higher in faith?

In my memoir, Living Testimonies 2, I openly share the struggles (divorce, foreclosure, repossession) I faced along my journey while encouraging you not to let the pain of the process rob you of the promise! With the Son of God, Jesus Christ, with you in every SeaSon, there is nothing you cannot overcome!!

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Suzette “FarMor” Morgan is an author, empowerment speaker, a publisher and a teacher of the Word. To Book FarMor to speak at or MC your next event, please visit or call (321) 460-8558.


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