My Grace Is Sufficient!

My God! My God! My God! My God! He is so awesome! “Oh, how I love Jesus! Oh How I Love Jesus! Oh How I Love Jesus because He first loved me!

Day 5 of a 30-day fast with Holiness Ministry Temple International (with Apostle Shirley Brown) and all I can say is,  “Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!”

Today was a very busy, yet productive day. I left out at noon and I just returned home a little after 7 p.m. to give a praise report of what my God has done!

After running a few errands, I met with one client to deliver her books and then a second client to drop off edits and pick up corrections! (That’s what happens when you work with a local publisher 😁)

Then I ran a few more errands, including helping a family member and even dropping off something for a senior (on behalf of my mom).

Needless to say, I only had 2 more stops and that’s when my tire light appeared. Knowing I was in need of a driver side tire, I paid close attention to that one as I ran into Walgreens (where, by the way I bought four items that totaled $5 & change but paid only $0.10 with my rewards. Just saying…as I continue to brag on my God!)

When I returned to the vehicle, I quickly checked Google to find that Pep Boys was closed. So, I looked at the Shell gas station, which was to the left.

However, I’ve learned not to go backward but instead press forward so I was led to drive to another Shell gas station further away (BUT it was before me not behind me)!

I took my time and pulled in safely, by the grace of God! The tire spot was closed, so I sat still before calling my dad to see his location.

He made a few calls to see who could assist me…but to no avail. So, I started pulling the things out my trunk as I prepared to change this tire myself (even in a skirt)! I just had to make sure there was a jack in the trunk.

The rain was falling heavier so I was led to slowly pull my Jeep under the shade. Even though I wasn’t getting gas, there was no need to try to change a tire in the rain.

I backed my vehicle on one side and realized I was still in the rain, so I drove to the other side. Not even 3 minutes after pulling out the tire, this white van pulled up and the gentleman offered to change my tire. Turns out he’s a mobile mechanic 😁 (That’s my God!)

As he wheeled his professional lifter toward the vehicle, I raised my hand in total adoration to God!

He said, Yes, praise Him!” Then he asked me what church I attend. We chatted for a minute and that’s when he told me that he was heading to the other Shell gas station at the corner but was led to this one (can’t remember exactly why BUT GOD)!!

Not only did Mr. James replace the passenger side tire, but he checked the air in all my tires to make sure I was good. Isn’t that just like God?

So I just stopped by, after months of blogging, to encourage you to keep moving forward and trust God to supply all your needs. He’s faithful like that.

Stay blessed

S.O.A.R. 2020

Greetings everyone,

What a Beautiful Sunday!! This morning, I woke up (bless God) just in time to catch Pastor Osteen deliver the message, “Blessed Indeed.” There is a whole story behind those words (and the song “Bless Me,” which has been ministering to me since the end of 2019). ***see Jan. 30, 2020 blog***

Anyhow, after Pastor Osteen finished, I went in the kitchen and that’s when Dr. Tony Evans’ sermon from 2/2/2020 came on. I listened while straightening up.

Then I watched & listened attentively to the message a second time…. This time I took notes, fully receiving what God was speaking to me!

Needless to say, there was a third time for this message today. That was because the Lord had me to watch it again with my 15-year-old son as part of our Sunday school/church service at home (today).

The reason the video was so fascinating was because of the passage of scripture from which the message was taken.

You see, over the Christmas break. I called myself ‘taking a break’ from social media. I did moreso from Facebook but on the first of the year, I was led to something on Twitter.

As I scrolled down, I saw a post from my dear sister and fellow publisher, Mrs. Tarsha Campbell. As an author, an International Speaker, a Coach, Mentor, etc., Tarsha had released the word God gave her for 2020, which is UPGRADE!

Amen! Bless God!”I thought OK Lord, You haven’t given me a word as yet (as I continued to scroll down my page).

Then I saw a post from the Women Speakers Association, asking people to share an encouraging word for 2020, based on the first letter of their name.

I thought hmmm as I paused and waited for a word. Suzette…S….S.O.A.R.!!

Bless God! I posted the word and ended my social media visit. Then I sought God for the message behind the acronym.

After 20 years of walking with the Lord and 7 years of “officially” preaching, I know once He gives me a word like S.O.A.R., there’s teaching behind it.

So I grabbed my notebook & pen. As the Holy Spirit gave me lessons for each letter, He also gave me Isaiah 40:31 (which encompasses all), along with the visual of an eagle soaring in the sky.

I created the flyer and posted it as the Word in Season for 2020 using the KJV (King James Version):

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

    They shall mount up with wings as eagles….

But today, as Dr. Tony Evans shared the word on “Strength in Your Struggles,” he taught from the New Living Translation:

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.

    They will soar high on wings like eagles.

They will run and not grow weary.

    They will walk and not faint.

S.O.A.R.! YES LORD! Thank You, once again, for confirmation of Your word!

I’m ready! I BELIEVE Your Word is true! GLORY TO GOD!! Whatever You will have me to do…. Use me Lord!!!


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Let Nothing Frustrate Your Purpose!

On Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020, I was blessed to represent my company, FarMor Group Inc., as a vendor at Victoria Cooper’s 48th birthday celebration and 10th anniversary of her company, Light of Es’Scents!

Using the white signage that was left on the table with my nonprofit’s name (FarMor Entertainment), I quickly jotted down the names of those who showed their love and support at my vendor table.

But, I also used the same sheet to take notes (something I’m known for doing because I believe in gaining wisdom from others).

That night, Victoria’s mother was asked to pray and bless the food. She did but she also spoke blessings over the vendors. One thing she said, which I quickly jotted down, “Let nothing frustrate your plan” (Ezra).

Now, I can’t honestly say I read that book in the Bible but needless to say, I Googled that Scripture this morning and read chapters 3 and 4 of Ezra.

With my yellow highlighter in hand, I began studying:

3:2 Then stood up Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and his brethren the priests, and Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and his brethren, and builded the altar of the God of Israel,….

(I remembered Zerubbabel…not by might, nor by power…. Wait, getting ahead of myself).

Highlight continues:

v. 5…and of every one that willingly offered a freewill offering unto the Lord.

v. 6…But the foundation of the temple of the Lord was not yet laid.

They gave money also unto the masons, and to the carpenters… according to the grant that they had of Cyrus king of Persia.

v. 8...and all they that were come out of the captivity unto Jerusalem; and appointed the Levites, from twenty years old and upward, to set forward the work of the house of the Lord

10 And when the builders laid the foundation of the temple of the Lord, … to praise the Lord, after the ordinance of David king of Israel.

11 And they sang together by course in praising and giving thanks unto the Lord; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.

And the drama begins….

Now when the adversaries of Judah and Benjamin heard that the children of the captivity builded the temple unto the Lord God of Israel;

Then they came to Zerubbabel, and to the chief of the fathers, and said unto them, Let us build with you: for we seek your God, as ye do;

But Zerubbabel, and Jeshua, and the rest of the chief of the fathers of Israel, said unto them, Ye have nothing to do with us to build an house unto our God; but we ourselves together will build unto the Lord God of Israel, as king Cyrus the king of Persia hath commanded us.

Then the people of the land weakened the hands of the people of Judah, and troubled them in building,

And hired counsellors against them, to frustrate their purpose,….

v. 6…. wrote they unto him an accusation against the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem.

24 Then ceased the work of the house of God which is at Jerusalem. So it ceased unto the second year of the reign of Darius king of Persia.

How many know delay is not denial? There’s a song “You Covered Me” by Donald Lawrence and Hezekiah Walker that says, “What God ordains, He will maintain….!”

When we turn to the Book of Zechariah, we learn that Zerubbabel  did, indeed, build the temple. Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. (4:6)

Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.

Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me (Zecchariah), saying,

v. 9 The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you.

So, do not be moved that what it looks like.  The word says, Though an host should encamp against (you), (your) heart shall not fear. Though war should rise against (you), in this will (you) be confident. (Psalm 27:3)

The Lord has you in His hands. Let nothing frustrate your purpose!!


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Bless Me!

In 2008 (after “relocating” from my home of 9 years with my 3 children), I started playing Vicki Yohe’s “Increase Me” for about a week straight!

Can I tell you that my phone starting to ring off the hook from people wanting to publish a book!

Note: This was 3 years after self-publishing my 1st book, Living Testimonies.

It was then that I realized I wasn’t ready for the increase! God was still molding and shaping me, in every aspect….

Now, 12 years later, I can say that I’m ready!! Hence, this is the song that I played, sang and prayed during this 30-day fast, which ended today… 1.30.2020!!! Yay!

I BELIEVE MY GOD is faithful to deliver as He promised us in one of our standing Scriptures:

Joel 2:

25 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

26 And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.


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