Do you remember me? It’s Suzette Farquharson-Morgan, president of FarMor Group Incorporated. Years ago, I started a blog on WordPress for my publishing company, before merging it over to “Daily Tidbits” on Facebook.

Each day (Monday-Friday, and sometimes on weekends), I would share a thought or word of inspiration, which many times involved a Scripture and song link. However, as I “re-invent” myself and launch into a new arena that is calling my name–MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING–I was encouraged recently to start a blog.

This recommendation coincided with what I had drafted a week prior….

A friend and spoken word artist Randy “R.L.” Benjamin (aka Mr. Lester Jenkins) has a spoken word piece titled, “Speak Like You Have Something to Say.”

Well, as a daughter of the Most High King; a mother of 3 young people (Lia, Malcolm and Tyler); an author, editor and a publisher; and the president of a 501(c)(3) community organization (FarMor Entertainment), I definitely have something to say.

So, if you need to know #1. there’s hope #2. to keep the faith 3. greater is coming, then “Book Me” and I will inspire you to REACH FAR MORE THAN THE EYES CAN SEE!!