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Greetings everyone,

On Sunday, August 27, 2000, I was sitting in the family room with my husband (at the time), watching TV and pulling out my braids. With two weeks before the expected delivery of our second child (first son), I planned to have my hair re-done for the special arrival in September.

What’s funny is, I had asked my OB-GYN if she could deliver the baby earlier, prior to Sept. 1 (because I wanted Malcolm to start school on time)!! Hilarious.

So that evening, I spoke to my older sister, Marva (who was being discharged from the same hospital I would be visiting two weeks later). She had just given birth on Friday, August 25 to her daughter, Jamera, who was delivered by the same OB-GYN (Dr. Norma Waite)! Wait! It gets better!!!

I don’t remember exactly how long after speaking to Marva, but guess what? My water broke that Sunday evening. Since my husband had missed the birth of our daughter (Note: Elia popped out four years prior before he could leave Tallahassee, at the time), this was his first rendezvous with me to the hospital.

When we arrived (with my ‘loose’ hair), we quickly learned that my son’s head was stuck in the birth canal and that an emergency C-section was required!!

However, my OB-GYN had recently gone home (to shower and rest) after discharging my sister. Now, she was being paged to return immediately to the hospital for me and my son (the one I requested for her to take early)!! LOL!

I should have known from then that Malcolm would not be your typical child. Oh my goodness. I went through some serious tests with this one right here but today, as he turned 20 years old, all I can say is, “BUT GOD”!

As I reflected, early this morning, about this 20-year journey (which included a divorce, foreclosure, repossession, etc. while building a publishing company, creating a 501c3 and accepting my call to ministry), I was reminded of the poem, “Footprints” a.k.a. “Footprints in the Sand.”

My testimony stems from this second part of the poem:

“Lord, You said that once I decided to follow You,
You would walk with me all the way;
But I have noticed that during the
most troublesome times in my life,
There is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why in times when I
needed You the most, You should leave me.

The Lord replied, ‘My precious, precious
child. I love you, and I would never,
never leave You. During your times of
trial and suffering.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.’ “


“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ….”  – 2 Corinthians 2:14


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It’s by God’s Grace

It’s a Thankful Thursday indeed!! Oh my goodness! Am I ever thankful to God for His #GRACE!!! YES LORD!

Last night, Aug. 5, 2020, I posted the picture I took at Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica eight years ago. After posting the picture, I commented to my godmother, “It’s by God’s grace. All things through Christ Jesus” (as I vividly recalled the day of my younger sister’s wedding).

Then I returned to the document I was working on as I burned the midnight oil to complete a project for a client. Well, the Holy Spirit tugged at me to go back to the post and credit the artist, Trin-I-tee 5:7 (since those were NOT my words). Bless God.

So, I went online to find the correct spelling of the group and of course, I found myself with “God’s Grace” on repeat. Realizing the lyrics on the video were incorrect, I posted the correct text in the comments. However, the last line was wrong on all the song lyrics that I searched, and I had a hard time making it out (for years).

Anyhow, I found the 2011 remake with the correct lyrics (PRAISE GOD), and then played the song as least 10 more times. As I played it for the “last” time, I looked back at the photo from 9/29/12 (when I served as the Maid of Honor at Jasmine’s wedding) and tears welled up as I thought about God’s GRACE!!!

Eight years prior, the state of Florida experienced FOUR hurricanes: Charley and Frances (both Category 4) and Ivan and Jeanne (two of which did some serious damage to my first home).

During the third hurricane, I was in the hospital, giving birth to my third (and last) child, Tyler. I was there, by myself, feeling pain that caused me to scream like I’ve never screamed before. NOT only was the epidural not properly inserted in my back, but I felt EVERY contraction! JESUS!!!

Yet, the pain in my heart was greater. I had experienced a rough “BABY MAMA DRAMA” relationship that year in which I was the “BABY MAMA” (#transparency), and IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR GOD’S GRACE…HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE LORD WHO WAS ON MY SIDE, where would I be?

Even though I felt like I had failed my heavenly Father (no way God could still use me to bring forth my first book, Living Testimonies,) HE TURNED my mess into my message! YES HE DID! And four years later, He turned my misery into my ministry!! EXCUSE ME while I BLESS THE LORD!!!

Oh, MAGNIFY the LORD with me and let us EXALT HIS NAME TOGETHER”!!! (Psalm 34:3)

So that’s why I had to post the corrected lyrics for this part, in particular, to help free someone else:

“Come on in before the sun goes down,
Even though the devil's got you bound.
Know you're tired of going round and round,
Take the Word and knock him (Satan/the enemy) down.
(Abba Father)
He'll forgive you of your sins
Open up and let Him (JESUS) in.
Let the Lord show you His love,
By His blood, we're conquerors!!!

YES! It’s by God’s GRACE! All things through Christ Jesus!!!


STAND ON THE WORD!! The devil is defeated, in Jesus’ name!!! #RiseUp #JustBelieve #SOAR2020 #finishstrong #mygraceissufficient

Here’s the 2011 version I heard for the first time last night

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My Grace Is Sufficient!

My God! My God! My God! My God! He is so awesome! “Oh, how I love Jesus! Oh How I Love Jesus! Oh How I Love Jesus because He first loved me!

Day 5 of a 30-day fast with Holiness Ministry Temple International (with Apostle Shirley Brown) and all I can say is,  “Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!”

Today was a very busy, yet productive day. I left out at noon and I just returned home a little after 7 p.m. to give a praise report of what my God has done!

After running a few errands, I met with one client to deliver her books and then a second client to drop off edits and pick up corrections! (That’s what happens when you work with a local publisher 😁)

Then I ran a few more errands, including helping a family member and even dropping off something for a senior (on behalf of my mom).

Needless to say, I only had 2 more stops and that’s when my tire light appeared. Knowing I was in need of a driver side tire, I paid close attention to that one as I ran into Walgreens (where, by the way I bought four items that totaled $5 & change but paid only $0.10 with my rewards. Just saying…as I continue to brag on my God!)

When I returned to the vehicle, I quickly checked Google to find that Pep Boys was closed. So, I looked at the Shell gas station, which was to the left.

However, I’ve learned not to go backward but instead press forward so I was led to drive to another Shell gas station further away (BUT it was before me not behind me)!

I took my time and pulled in safely, by the grace of God! The tire spot was closed, so I sat still before calling my dad to see his location.

He made a few calls to see who could assist me…but to no avail. So, I started pulling the things out my trunk as I prepared to change this tire myself (even in a skirt)! I just had to make sure there was a jack in the trunk.

The rain was falling heavier so I was led to slowly pull my Jeep under the shade. Even though I wasn’t getting gas, there was no need to try to change a tire in the rain.

I backed my vehicle on one side and realized I was still in the rain, so I drove to the other side. Not even 3 minutes after pulling out the tire, this white van pulled up and the gentleman offered to change my tire. Turns out he’s a mobile mechanic 😁 (That’s my God!)

As he wheeled his professional lifter toward the vehicle, I raised my hand in total adoration to God!

He said, Yes, praise Him!” Then he asked me what church I attend. We chatted for a minute and that’s when he told me that he was heading to the other Shell gas station at the corner but was led to this one (can’t remember exactly why BUT GOD)!!

Not only did Mr. James replace the passenger side tire, but he checked the air in all my tires to make sure I was good. Isn’t that just like God?

So I just stopped by, after months of blogging, to encourage you to keep moving forward and trust God to supply all your needs. He’s faithful like that.

Stay blessed

S.O.A.R. 2020

Greetings everyone,

What a Beautiful Sunday!! This morning, I woke up (bless God) just in time to catch Pastor Osteen deliver the message, “Blessed Indeed.” There is a whole story behind those words (and the song “Bless Me,” which has been ministering to me since the end of 2019). ***see Jan. 30, 2020 blog***

Anyhow, after Pastor Osteen finished, I went in the kitchen and that’s when Dr. Tony Evans’ sermon from 2/2/2020 came on. I listened while straightening up.

Then I watched & listened attentively to the message a second time…. This time I took notes, fully receiving what God was speaking to me!

Needless to say, there was a third time for this message today. That was because the Lord had me to watch it again with my 15-year-old son as part of our Sunday school/church service at home (today).

The reason the video was so fascinating was because of the passage of scripture from which the message was taken.

You see, over the Christmas break. I called myself ‘taking a break’ from social media. I did moreso from Facebook but on the first of the year, I was led to something on Twitter.

As I scrolled down, I saw a post from my dear sister and fellow publisher, Mrs. Tarsha Campbell. As an author, an International Speaker, a Coach, Mentor, etc., Tarsha had released the word God gave her for 2020, which is UPGRADE!

Amen! Bless God!”I thought OK Lord, You haven’t given me a word as yet (as I continued to scroll down my page).

Then I saw a post from the Women Speakers Association, asking people to share an encouraging word for 2020, based on the first letter of their name.

I thought hmmm as I paused and waited for a word. Suzette…S….S.O.A.R.!!

Bless God! I posted the word and ended my social media visit. Then I sought God for the message behind the acronym.

After 20 years of walking with the Lord and 7 years of “officially” preaching, I know once He gives me a word like S.O.A.R., there’s teaching behind it.

So I grabbed my notebook & pen. As the Holy Spirit gave me lessons for each letter, He also gave me Isaiah 40:31 (which encompasses all), along with the visual of an eagle soaring in the sky.

I created the flyer and posted it as the Word in Season for 2020 using the KJV (King James Version):

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

    They shall mount up with wings as eagles….

But today, as Dr. Tony Evans shared the word on “Strength in Your Struggles,” he taught from the New Living Translation:

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.

    They will soar high on wings like eagles.

They will run and not grow weary.

    They will walk and not faint.

S.O.A.R.! YES LORD! Thank You, once again, for confirmation of Your word!

I’m ready! I BELIEVE Your Word is true! GLORY TO GOD!! Whatever You will have me to do…. Use me Lord!!!


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