Take Time to REST

Greetings everyone,

It’s a Marvelous Monday, and I am excited to be on SPRING BREAK!! (Yes LORD! Thank You JESUS!)

Years ago (well decades ago) after saying YES to to the LORD in 2002 and stepping out by faith to write a book, which then led me to start my own publishing company (BUT GOD!), He taught me “balance!”

As a business owner (inspiring entrepreneur), I found myself working longer and harder trying to manage a company (that I had NO plans of starting). At the time I established FarMor Publishing in October 2004, I had three children (ages 7, 4, 1 month).

Years in…after self-publishing by first book the following year, releasing two more books by different authors a couple years later; launching a newsletter (the beginning of ministry); plus networking & promoting; and then speaking, I found myself working around the clock.

Then my heavenly Father reminded me NOT to forget the three children He blessed me with…who were all in school).

So the OCPS (Orange County Public School) calendar became my guide to map out when my “offices” would be closed (since I was now running a corporation and recording & production had been added to the mix). Be it MLK, Spring Break, Thanksgiving and especially Christmas Break, if my children were home, FarMor was closed!

This company benefit allowed me to spend quality time with my family, making our memories (as a wise woman told me when I started writing Living Testimonies in 2002!

Now, decades later, my first two (ages 24 & 20) are out of state while the youngest (16) is still with me!! I woke up Sunday morning (thanking God for this time of REST) to find Tyler’s SPRING BREAK agenda, which includes Aquatica, Disney, Universal, etc. (Help me LORD!)

Even though my son’s “chest is a little high” (LOL), at least I can afford the BEACH, Dave & Busters and Game Night!! 😂


To Book FarMor to speak at or MC your next event, call (321) 460-8558 or visit http://www.farmorgroupinc.co

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