Walking by Faith

Greetings everyone,
Last night I was blessed to talk about one of my favorite topics: FAITH!

God knows I’ve been #walkingbyfaith since I rededicated my heart to the Lord in June 2000 and stepped out of the boat in December 2002 to serve Him 100%!!

Now, here I am in 2021, still smiling, still serving OR as I like to say (which was inspired by Yolanda Adams when I was facing some of life’s biggest challenges)…”STILL I RISE”!

So for yesterday’s FAITH FRIDAY segment with Warrior Women (Patrice Burrell Ministries), God had me to speak on “Walking by Faith” from Matthew 14:23-31.

At the end, I tried to share the gift I received last month from Warriors of Worship “It’s a Breakthrough” event, but it wasn’t clear.

So here we go…. It’s “show and tell” (a wall plaque bearing 2 Corinthians 5:7)!! This is God encouraging me (as I encourage others) to continue to “walk by faith, not by sight”!

  1. Hear and hearken to the voice of the Lord!
  2. Take courage #benotafraid
  3. Respond: Go wherever He tells you to go! Do whatever He tells you to do! Say whatever He tells you to say! Jonathan Nelson “Yes Lord”!



Suzette Farquharson-Morgan (FarMor) is a teacher, author, empowerment speaker and conference host facilitator.

To Book FarMor to speak at or MC your next event, call 321-460-8558 or visit farmorgroupinc.co.

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