It’s Already Been Released!

Greetings everyone, and glory to God for this new day…this marvelous Monday…the first Monday in 2021!!! Truly, God is good and He is FAITHful.

For everyone reading this post, God has blessed us with the gift of life! Take it not for granted!

Last year, on June 20, 2019, my nonprofit organization, FarMor Entertainment (a 501 c3, which is my birthday fundraiser on Facebook) hosted a “Rise Up: Just Believe” leadership conference at the Orlando Downtown Marriott! It was our first conference ever, and it was held in the midst of a pandemic!! BUT GOD!!

Fast forward to January 2, 2021. During my morning devotion (on the 2nd day of a 30-day fast), I picked up my journal, waiting on the Holy Spirit.

That’s what I clearly heard as I wrote, “IT’S ALREADY BEEN RELEASED: healing, deliverance, breakthrough!”

The Spirit of God reminded me when Warriors of Worship (Olga & sister Jasmin) ministered that song by Ricky Dillard toward the end of the conference…after the blessings had already been released in the atmosphere!

God said…to those who had gotten ready; those who believed; those who prepared to be in position; those who held fast to the confession of their faith without wavering; those who were faithful over a little… Hallelujah; those who continued to sow and give (tithes, talent & time) as instructed; to those who obeyed the voice of God… It’s already been released!

So, for the children of God who have fasted and prayed; prayed and cried; those who believed and stood on the promises of God; to His children who have prepared themselves to be in position to receive the blessings of God…it’s already been released.

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