The 11th Inning

Greetings everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Blog but here I am…. Still I rise!

The last couple months have been extremely busy but exciting!! God has spoken, once again, for my nonprofit (FarMor Entertainment) to host Walking in Victory on Friday, 11.22.19 at 7 p.m. in Orlando.

We will announce the location on Tuesday (October 22nd) on Facebook live! Stay tuned!

So yesterday, I was in prayer, thanking God for this 11th season.

For those who don’t know, FarMor Entertainment was conceived on 8.8.08 but established as a nonprofit in April 2009 (and received its 501c3 status in March 2010).

Since then, despite the strikeouts and foul balls, we remained faithful (even when we didn’t see a way…which was most of the time). Yet, God’s grace and mercy, wisdom and strength carried us through 10 years!!

And just when I thought it was finished last November, God said it’s NOT over!

So,when I thanked Him yesterday for this 11th season, I heard the Spirit of God say, “It’s the 11th ‘inning’.

Knowing that diss term was associated with baseball, I did a quick Google search:

“a division of a game during which the two teams alternate as offense and defense and during which each team is allowed three outs while batting.
  • a single turn at bat for a team until three outs are made.
  • a division of play similar to an inning in other games, such as horseshoes.
  • a period during which a person or group can achieve something.”

The last bullet is especially interesting as we consider this period of triumph!

Thanks be to God who gives us the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ!

**The photo in this article speaks volume!**

To RSVP for 11.22.19, visit walkinvictory.

Carlos Correa hits walk-off home run in 11th inning as Astros win 3-2 in ALCS Game 2

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