Stay in Position

Harcourt 2002: Something happened at work one day during the month of June and July. I don’t remember what it was, but something set me off to the point that I stormed downstairs to the mailroom, grabbed some boxes and packed up all my belongings.

Those who know me know that it takes a lot for me to throw in the towel, and this was the day!

But, by the grace of God, several wonderful coworkers took me outside to walk the parking garage until I completely calmed down. They encouraged me not to walk off the job this way (which I knew wasn’t right but you need friends like these to keep yoi in check).

Once calm, I returned to my office to finish working but vowed to keep my boxes packed until the time came for me to leave.

Adamant not to unpack, my boss asked if I could put, at least, one of the pictures of my children (two at the time) back on my desk.

Little did I know that the appropriate time was right around the corner.

In December 2002 (after my first 30-day fast in September), I heard God’s voice instructing me to turn in my resignation.

I had already received the command to write a book but to leave my job security (401K, health insurance).

Yes, I wasn’t thinking about those things when I packed up my office months earlier, but now, could God really be telling me to leave my job for the unknown?

When I look back, this was the hand of God (as I had never seen before) teaching me about “feelings.”

I shared this story awhile back with author Cynthia Hughes (who spoke at our Bible study one day about not being moved on our emotions).

Her message resonated with me and I told her…had I left my job because I was upset, angry, livid, etc., I would have been required to repay the company for my Master’s Degree, which I obtained from the University of Central Florida.

However, because I resigned properly, when instructed by God (the Creator of the universe who does all things decent and in order), I left…after my two weeks notice…exactly a year after receiving my degree (leaving me free and clear)!!

So when Facebook reminded me today of a post from September 6, 2014, I had a flashback about emotions. Here, once again, I was having issues and just wanted to stay home.

Little did I know that when I pressed my way…after a few threats for my godmother to be ready in 30 minutes (and with the aid of her daughter), the picture that I took at the event would grace the cover of my second memoir, Living Testimonies 2!

Thank God, I don’t look like what I’ve been through. So, I share this blog to empower you…to encourage you…to motivate you not to be moved on emotions!

This morning, the Holy Spirit gave me these words: “Don’t let your feelings cause you to step out of position!”

Be blessed


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